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18-Hour Global Mental Health Event |

Unlocking Mental Health Insights: Join Our Unique 18-Hour Live, Online Event

As mental health continues to take center stage in discussions about well-being, especially in the workplace, the upcoming World Mental Health Day offers a groundbreaking opportunity to deepen understanding and enhance strategies through a unique 18-hour live, online event. This extensive event, optimized for global accessibility, will feature a series of live, interactive sessions that traverse time zones, ensuring that everyone, everywhere can participate—from Los Angeles starting at 6 AM to Tokyo wrapping up at 11 PM.

4 keynote speakers at Leqture's live, online Mental Health Event

A Global Stage for Mental Health Education, powered by Leqture, is proud to host this unprecedented webinar. It's not just a series of lectures but a full day of engaging, interactive content delivered by some of the world's leading mental health experts. This format is designed to cater to professionals across the globe, providing invaluable insights that can be applied both personally and within organizational settings.

Spotlight on Diverse Expertise

Our lineup for the day includes a variety of speakers, each bringing their unique perspectives and specialized knowledge to the forefront:

  • Bruce Hood will again captivate audiences with his expertise in cognitive psychology, focusing on how our brain's workings can influence our daily interactions and mental health.

  • Elaine Broe emphasizes the importance of vulnerability, open communication, and psychological safety in fostering trust within diverse teams, stressing the impact of subtle behaviors and encouraging participants to reflect on their trust-building skills and areas for improvement.

  • Killian Wawoe will provide a deep dive into how human resources practices can be optimized to support mental health, drawing on his extensive research into performance management and reward systems.

  • Rose Auyeung-Chen, known for her expertise in emotion regulation and crisis intervention, will offer techniques for maintaining emotional stability in the fast-paced corporate world.

Why This Mental Health Event is Unique

Interactive and Inclusive

This isn't just another webinar where you passively watch speakers; our format includes interactive Q&A sessions, live polls, and discussions facilitated through MentiMeter, while ensuring GDPR compliance and user privacy. Participants can interact anonymously, asking questions and engaging in discussions without any barriers.

Accessible to All

Regardless of your work schedule, location, or device, this event is designed to be fully accessible. You don’t need a computer or a company email address—any connected device will do, allowing participation from anywhere at any time. This inclusivity ensures that an unlimited number of employees can join the event, making it a truly global learning opportunity.

Customizable for Your Needs

We understand that each organization has its unique culture and needs. That’s why we offer the option to create a branded landing page for your company as part of the event. This can feature your logo, welcome message, and other tailored content to make the event resonate more with your team.

Join Us for a Day of Empowerment and Insight

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of a landmark event in mental health education. Whether you're looking to enhance your understanding, find new tools for your workplace, or connect with global experts, our 18-hour mental health live, online event on World Mental Health Day is where you need to be.

Register now and ensure your company's place in this unique educational experience. Expand your understanding, connect with experts, and take active steps towards better mental health for yourself and your organization.

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