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Connect Globally: Experience Our 18-Hour Live Event with Leading Mental Health Speakers

On World Mental Health Day, join us for an unprecedented global event that brings the foremost mental health speakers directly to you, no matter where you are. Our 18-hour live sessions, spanning from 6 AM in Los Angeles to 11 PM in Tokyo, ensure that everyone, across all time zones, can participate in this transformative experience. Whether your organization is looking to deepen its understanding of mental health issues or aiming to enhance your team's well-being, this event is designed to meet your needs with cutting-edge insights and practical solutions.

A World of Mental Health Expertise at Your Fingertips, powered by Leqture, has curated an extensive lineup of mental health speakers who are recognized leaders in their fields. These experts bring a wealth of knowledge and diverse perspectives that cover the full spectrum of mental health topics—from clinical insights to workplace wellness strategies.


Featured Speakers and Their Unique Contributions

Tharaka Gunarathne, expert speaker at World Mental Health Day event
  • Elaine Broe dives into the critical aspects of psychological safety in the workplace, offering her rich expertise on creating spaces where employees can thrive without fear of negative consequences for speaking up.

  • Geoff McDonald continues to push the boundaries on how we think about mental health in corporate settings, advocating for strategic wellbeing initiatives that drive organizational change.

  • Bruce Hood will captivate attendees with his exploration of cognitive psychology, particularly how our understanding of the brain can improve our approaches to mental health both personally and professionally.

  • Dr. Jérôme Gijselaers connects the dots between stress, biology, and learning, providing attendees with scientifically-backed methods to enhance cognitive function and manage stress effectively.

  • Scott Davenport helps you recognize the impact of change on the brain and Limbic system, and learn to focus on “purpose” as a resilience tool.

  • Zoia Mahjoubi focuses on the power of resilience and self-care, inspiring young professionals with her innovative approaches to mental and emotional health.

  • Tharaka Gunarathne offers practical techniques for reducing stress and enhancing productivity, blending his expertise in psychiatry with engaging motivational speaking to empower personal and professional growth.

  • Daphne Feller explores how brain health influences our daily productivity and overall life satisfaction, offering practical tips for mental fitness in professional settings.

  • Kilian Wawoe brings insights into performance management and the effective use of reward systems to boost mental well-being and enhance productivity within corporate teams.

  • Rose Auyeung-Chen shares her expertise in emotion regulation and conflict resolution, essential skills for maintaining harmony and promoting mental health in stressful settings.


Each of these speakers brings a unique perspective to the event, ensuring that attendees have access to a broad spectrum of ideas and practical strategies to improve mental health in various aspects of life and work. These sessions are designed not just to inform but also to inspire action and foster a deeper understanding of mental health challenges and solutions.


Why This Event Stands Out

Interactive and Engaging Formats

Forget passive webinars—our sessions are fully interactive, featuring real-time Q&A segments, live polls, and engaging discussions facilitated through MentiMeter to ensure that your voice is heard, all while maintaining privacy and GDPR compliance.

Unmatched Accessibility

With the flexibility to participate via any connected device, our event is designed to be as inclusive as possible, making it easy for individuals and teams worldwide to join in without logistical hurdles.

Tailored Experiences for Organizations

We offer organizations the opportunity to create a branded experience that aligns with their internal wellbeing campaigns. This personalized touch not only enhances engagement but also ensures that the content resonates more deeply with your team’s specific needs.

Your Invitation to Join

As we prepare to open our virtual doors to a worldwide audience, we invite you to sign up your organization for this unparalleled educational opportunity. Equip yourself and your organization with the knowledge and tools provided by leading mental health experts to navigate the challenges of today’s world. Empower your team with the insights and strategies from top mental health speakers and take a step towards a healthier, more productive future.





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