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Speaker Insights: Navigating Mental Health in Our Dialogues

Updated: May 28

As we are preparing for World Mental Health Day, it’s crucial to highlight the integral role that expert speakers play in shaping our understanding of mental health. At, we are set to offer an unprecedented opportunity to delve into mental health topics with all-day access to live, interactive expert sessions from some of the most esteemed global keynote speakers. 


From the early hours in Los Angeles at 6 AM to the late night in Tokyo at 11 PM, our speakers will guide attendees through a series of enriching discussions designed to support, educate, inspire, and engage colleagues across all time zones.

Elaine Broe - speaker at World Mental Health Day

The Unique Proposition of is uniquely positioned to bring together individuals from around the globe in a shared exploration of mental health issues. With an 18-hour programming schedule, we ensure that no matter where you are, you can join in this important event. 


Our sessions are not just talks, but interactive experiences that allow for real-time engagement with experts like Elaine Broe on psychological safety, Geoff McDonald on the stigma of mental ill-health in the workplace, and Dr. Jérôme Gijselaers on the biology of performance.

The Power of Global Dialogue

Our speakers, such as Aurelie Litynski and Kilian Wawoe, provide insights into managing stress and creating positive work environments, which are universally relevant yet particularly poignant in today’s high-pressure work climates. By connecting these speakers with a global audience, we bridge cultural and geographical divides, fostering a worldwide dialogue about the importance of mental health.

Learning from Diverse Perspectives

The diversity of our speaker lineup, including voices like Zoia Mahjoubi who champions self-care, and Tharaka Gunarathne who focuses on stress reduction, ensures that our discussions on mental health are rich and varied. These experts bring a range of perspectives that help illuminate the many facets of mental health, from personal well-being to organizational health.

Engaging with Mental Health Dialogues

To truly benefit from these dialogues, attendees are encouraged to actively engage with our speakers through Q&A sessions and live discussions. This interaction is vital as it allows for a deeper understanding and personalization of the strategies and insights shared, making them more applicable to individual and organizational contexts.

Join us

Navigating mental health in our dialogues is more than just listening—it's about engaging, understanding, and applying the knowledge gained. This World Mental Health Day, unlock a world of new insights and practical tools with our expert keynote speakers. Whether you're in Los Angeles, Tokyo, or anywhere in between, join us to celebrate and elevate mental health awareness on a global scale.


Join Us for an Unparalleled World Mental Health Day Experience!


Don't miss this chance to be part of a global movement toward better mental health. Secure your spot now and ready your employees to engage with mental health like never before.



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