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In this expert session, Aurelie Litynski discusses the significance of prioritizing happiness and positivity in the workplace. Aurelie shares her personal experiences dealing with workplace frustrations and acknowledges the impact of emotions on both personal and professional well-being. She highlights that mental health encompasses not only negative feelings but also the pursuit of joy and happiness.

The session introduces a four-step strategy for creating a positive work culture: raising awareness, analyzing situations, taking action, and following up for sustainability. Aurelie encourages participants to reflect on their emotional state at work and discuss ways to improve overall happiness and engagement.

Research indicates that employees' emotions play a significant role in their engagement and performance levels. To foster a positive work culture, Aurelie suggests focusing on social connections, kind relationships, and finding enjoyment in tasks. She emphasizes the importance of practicing positivity and expressing gratitude regularly.

Aurelie Litynski also touches upon the significance of understanding what drives individual happiness and motivation at work. She encourages participants to reflect on their definition of happiness at work using keywords that resonate with them, as well as recognizing teammates' unique perspectives for effective collaboration.

The expert session continues with discussions on building strong work relationships through feedback culture, recognition, learning new things, open communication, and shared plans. Aurelie emphasizes the importance of nonverbal communication skills and active listening to foster empathy and deeper connections among colleagues. The session also covers strategies for addressing negative individuals in the workplace with empathy and understanding while leading by example or taking direct action if necessary.

Aurelie Litynski clarifies the distinction between toxic positivity and maintaining a positive attitude and emphasizes the importance of gaining management buy-in to implement positive changes in the workplace. The session concludes with a discussion on overcoming differences in opinions about working methods through open communication and active listening, encouraging attendees to engage in productive dialogues for collective growth.

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Aurelie Litynski

Mastering our Stress Level and Boosting Focus at Work

Aurelie Litynski is a TEDx speaker, as well as a certified Chief Happiness Officer and Chief Wellbeing Officer. In addition, she has received training from leading global experts and obtained multiple certifications in positive psychology, change management and neuroplasticity.

She draws on her extensive training and experience to develop interactive sessions focused on employee experience, positive leadership, emotional intelligence and human-centric culture.

She works with SMEs, multinational organizations, and corporate leaders all around the globe, empowering them to boost positivity, productivity, and performance in the workplace.

Her overall mission? To foster a human-centric approach to work, where the teams' happiness is part of the teams' culture.

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Positive Work Culture Expert

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Key Learnings

  • Cultivating Positivity at Work: Recognizing the significance of prioritizing happiness in both personal and professional life is essential for creating a positive work culture. Reflect on your current emotional state at work using Mentimeter, and consider practicing daily highlights and expressing gratitude to boost positive emotions.

  • Building Strong Work Relationships: Fostering open communication, feedback culture, recognition, learning new things, and regular meetings can help build strong work relationships and increase happiness at work. Share your best practices using Mentimeter, and implement activities that encourage empathy, understanding, and nonverbal communication skills.

  • Overcoming Workplace Challenges: Addressing negative individuals in a compassionate and supportive manner, gaining management's buy-in for positive change, and engaging in productive dialogues can help overcome differences in opinions and create a more positive work environment. Embrace the importance of understanding toxic positivity versus fostering positivity, and focus on finding common ground through active listening and open communication.


During the expert session, Aurelie Litynski engages the audience through interactive methods such as Q&A sessions, live demonstrations using the Mentimeter app for polls and exercises, and reflective activities. She discusses her insights on creating a positive work culture that boosts motivation, engagement, and productivity by prioritizing happiness. Aurelie shares her personal experiences and a four-step strategy to implement positive work culture, inviting participants to share their thoughts and ideas using Mentimeter. 

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